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Ayothaya-Ayutthaya-Hotels AYOTHAYA HOTEL , The only hotel in the old Kingdom of Ayothaya – a world heritage site of Ayutthaya, Thailand 











Welcome to Ayothaya Hotel , Ayutthaya
Ayothaya Hotel has loacated in the inner city of world historical heritage land, Ayutthaya, also extremely convenient to connect mass transit between the inner province and other nearby various public transportation such as, public van, Tuk Tuk tricycle car, ordinary tricycle, boats and certainly train. Its interesting location surrounded by office buildings, schools, department store, entertainment places and throughout government office buildings and provincial public health building
 Ayothaya Hotel provided all 88 rooms by having  2 Meeting rooms 6 Deluxe rooms,  64 Superior rooms and  16 Standard rooms.

 Its suite room equipped with full furniture with large panoramic view room by seperating the bed room. 

 Please come and invite to Ayothaya Hotel by our trustworthy online room reservation on wards. 

"Not only spend your wonderful holiday in the hotel, but also able to walk around , enjoy eating fabulous food  throughout touch spectacular traditional culture display of local native."

4.The 7th Conference of The United Nations Day of Vesak (23-25 May) Organized at Ayothaya Hotel



1.Chinese New Year (FEB)**The Road closed in 3.00P.M., Pls early Check-in before FULL

2.The 6th World Thai Martial Arts Festival , 14-17 March  at Wat Mahathat

 3.Songkran Splendours 10-16 April, Carfully WET !!!                    


5. Glorious of Ayutthaya (11-20 December ) **Recommend**

5.1 Glorious of Ayutthaya

5.2 Ayutthaya World Heritage's Delicious Food Fair & Thai Massage at Khun Plaen's Residence 

5.3 Ayutthaya Red Cross Fair





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